Friday 12th May
Jack House Gallery
Doors open 6pm and talk to start 6.45pm

Family Tree is one of a huge number of projects that Rafael Klein has exhibited internationally. His studio is equipped for production of both large scale sculpture, like those now displayed at Portsmouth Cathedral, involving machinery for metal cutting and welding and epoxy enamel colour finishing as well as for smaller works here at Jack House Gallery using steel laser cutting techniques, silver leafing and the more obviously traditional methods of bronze casting, 'lost wax' and patination. The materials that Klein chooses to work with are highly significant to the imagery and form that the final works take.

Rafael Klein has also produced a series of collographic monoprints for Family Tree adopting a pallet of rich earthy organic colours and the same natural forms that inspired the sculptural works. Raf will be here at the gallery on Friday 12th May at 6-8.30pm to talk about the creative process that made these works and how they relate to the sculptures.  He will also talk about how he casts, cuts and colours metal work and how he works alongside local organisations to make art for public spaces. This event is FREE, there will be drinks and whilst it isn't seated we can arrange seating for those that need it.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Jack House Gallery 6-6.45pm to see the work in the gallery

The Talk - 7pm in Portsmouth cathedral

Artist Rafael Klein in discussion with Dean David Brindley about the spiritual nature of his work and why it is important to see art in Cathedrals. Rafael Klein describes himself as a 'pantheist' - that is he believes in the worship and more importantly tolerance of many gods and many forms of worship. His beliefs can be seen in his work with the titles for his pieces drawn from Hinduism, ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian deities. Rafael Klein is himself Jewish. This will be a fascinating discussion about belief and inspiration and inclusion through art. To make sure you get a seat please follow this link EVENTBRITE. Please note this event is FREE and there will be refreshments.