Marion Brandis

Marion Brandis is German but has lived most of her adult life in England. She currently lives and works in Lewes, East Sussex. Her work spans a large range from public art commissions to tableware and decorative items for the home. 

"Cats and Dogs are our companions. For many people they have become members of our family. We cannot help but imbue them with human qualities. I do not want to judge whether this is good or bad – I just want to point to it with humour and a sense of fun.

The cats are more abstracted in a way – a cat is a cat. I know there are different breeds, they can be long or short-haired and have different colours, but they are more or less the same size and shape, and behave in similar ways.

The dogs are more soulful. Here I had to be more specific – there are so many breeds to choose from and they vary so greatly that a visitor from outer space would not be able to tell that they all belong to the same species! I chose French Bulldogs and Pugs because they are toy-like and their flat faces make them look particularly human. They are social animals like us, and probably see us as dogs in a similar way as we see them as humans."