Family Tree Conversations

Two talks by Rafael Klein and two very different conversations - both fascinating. The first of these two scheduled events connected with Family Tree took place in Portsmouth Cathedral when Dean David Brindley displayed his Art History credentials in a discussion about the long and varied part that Cathedrals have played in the commissioning and display of art and how Klein's work interacts with the spaces in which it is shown both physically and spiritually.
The other illustrated talk took place in the gallery and was a veritable crash course in sculptural techniques encompassing lost wax, welding and laser cutting for public commissions. Rafael Klein also talked about his development from painter to sculptor and how the former informs and is essential to the latter. Thanks to all who came to both events.

A big crowd for Small Works

A great turn out for 'Small Works' our exhibition of very small pictures by an array of artists. Some are local to Portsmouth and you can always rely on artists to come out on a damp wintry evening to support each other and enjoy the chat.

Artists Natalie Dowse & Julie Graves

Artists Natalie Dowse & Julie Graves

LAF 2017 Jack House Gallery 'Showstopper'

It won't surprise those that saw Amartey Golding's film in the gallery in October 2016 that we caused something of a stir in what was Jack House Gallery's first Art Fair. Our little custom built screening booth was the busiest stand at the fair with a constant stream of visitors eager to see the most talked about exhibit of LAF 2017. 

Gallery Re-stocking!

We broke our normal rules and re-hung here at the gallery in order to meet demand. John Green is a prolific artist and we have had a lot of work to show so those of you that have been already it's now worth another trip. For those that haven't there's only one more week of this show left so come and see this excellent display of John's draughtsmanship and versatility. Now that the stock of his work is down to 'manageable' levels we have started adding it to his artist page on the website so have a look if you can't along to the gallery.

John Green's show Dockies in the press and pictures of the opening

Our very special opening of "Dockies" with John Green's beautiful paintings kicks off 2016 at Jack House with a great success. Even the Mayor was there on the opening night of John's first Portsmouth show.

Councillor Frank Jonas with artist John Green at the opening of his show Dockies curated and produced by Rebecca Crow at Jack House Gallery. photo © Anna Burdick

Councillor Frank Jonas with artist John Green at the opening of his show Dockies curated and produced by Rebecca Crow at Jack House Gallery. photo © Anna Burdick

There was also quite a bit of press with 2 articles in the Portsmouth News:
Strokes Of Genius

Dockies Pictures Capture Portsmouths Proud Herritage


Paintings by Stephan Geisler private view

A massive dose of german expressionism arrived all the way from Bochum to Portsmouth in the back of a Mini! They are larger than life and definitely brighten up our early winter evenings. 

We had quite a few guests at the preview including our first artist to show at Jack House Amartey Golding! He is also the subject in one of Stephan's paintings, see if you can spot him!

Of course Woody came too all the way from the big smoke just to see Trixie the gallery dog!

Exhibition runs from 23rd October to 28th November 2015

Our first Summer Show opens Saturday 8th August

Jack House Gallery's first Summer Show opens this weekend and amongst the many and varied treasures on show are lithographs by established and renowned RA Chris Orr and rising star Caroline Walker. We'll be introducing ceramics with specially commissioned 'Portsmouth Pots' by Alice Mara and Marion's Brandis's mischevious feline beauties. Some very German Expressionism from Stephan Geisler, drypoint poetry by Kate Boxer and Anita Klein's distinctively stylised and quirky linocuts as well as John Dilnot's exquisitely devised 'boxes'. And there's more...Barry Goodman's collographs of vintage vehicles, Fabio Coruzzi's city scenes and Susie Perring's rather badly behaved dogs.

DEMOCRATIC BEACH, an exhibition of paintings by Andrew Holmes

©Andrew Holmes Breakfast Club

©Andrew Holmes Breakfast Club

Bathers: These pieces are inspired by my visits to the Caribbean where the people of the island use the sea to socialize, relax and refresh. Each morning, groups walk down to the beaches and share time together in the sea. These meetings are sometimes locally referred to as “the breakfast club”. From childhood, at weekends and after school, the children spend time together in the sea. This experience forms an important part of their lives on the islands.

 Observing a group of bathers is, to me, a representation of how we can interact, both with each other and with nature. On the fringe of our world we push just slightly into the unknown space of the ocean. It’s a place where, for a short time, we can leave the material “stuff of life” behind, and simply enjoy the company of family and friends, or spend time alone to reflect. If we enter the sea on our own or break off for a few minutes from the group, we can swim a little, float, walk or stand, and there – in isolation – have nothing impinge from the outside into our thoughts. It can offer the chance for reflection or dreams; perhaps, even a neutral state where we can spiritually relax too.

I found these scenes uplifting and was compelled to try to capture the experience. I love the sea and the Caribbean is a wonderful blend of natural and cultural richness. Upon visiting, walking slowly along the beach at the beginning and end of each day becomes a ritual, however, sketching from the beach has to be quick. There’s little detail to be seen and bathers are constantly moving. Whether bright sunlight or overcast, the rich starkness of the figures’ forms silhouettes against the warm, pale sea and this is the most important image I hold in my emotional and visual memory. After returning to the studio in London and working from fleeting scribbles made on the beach, I wanted the drawings and paintings to reflect these figures and scenes exactly as I saw them.

©Andrew Holmes "Bathers"

©Andrew Holmes "Bathers"

I began with using the beach sketches as a source reference to make preparatory working drawings and, in turn, used these to paint the panels. The first bather was painted in February 2014 and the final piece in May 2015. During this period I continued to make new drawings using charcoal and acrylic paint on layers of polyester film. These sketches helped me to continually progress the painting. I chose oil on panel for the main pieces because wood offers a smooth surface to work with. This aided the techniques I used to both apply and move the paint around to communicate the sense of water and bathers immersed in the sea.

©Andrew Holmes "Dog retrieves stick"

©Andrew Holmes "Dog retrieves stick"

Dogs: This group of oils, painted onto panel or paper, was produced between June 2014 – May 2015, and is an expression of particularly fond memories from an early summer trip on the river Thames with friends and their dog, Horace. The Thames is a beautiful river which, affected by the light and weather, can change so much as it flows through different landscapes. It was a few years later I decided to work on paintings of a dog in water and was able to use photographs and sketches from the time spent on the river with Horace.

Apart from the simple image of a dog enjoying the water I wanted to try and depict the varying quality of light reflecting off the surface of the river as the dog moved through it.  Thus, apart from using wood panels for some of the pieces I chose oil on paper as an alternative substrate that would offer a softer feel to the painting.

My love of water and the connection we have with the sea and rivers is the underlying interest I have in the subject of figures in water. Because we have spent hundreds of thousands of years living near or navigating along the natural waterways and coastlines our relationship with water is almost primordial. I believe for most of us, there has always been a special and strong attraction to the sea.