Still Life Study Workshops with Agata Wojcieszkiewicz - November 2018

We held our first week long study workshops starting 27th November in the gallery with Agata installing a fantastic and intricate still life set up designed to give participants the choice to select a small area of the the still life or try to take in the whole to give an impression of the installation. For some it was at a first a daunting prospect until they developed ways of working which enabled them to really get something from the process and learn to select, see and transcribe. Participants came and went over the course of 5 days to pick up on a previous day’s work or try out new techniques or materials on a new picture. Some stayed for all the sessions whilst others dipped in for inspiration and continued to work on pieces elsewhere but everyone brought in the fruits of their labour for a final exhibition and get together to discuss who did what, why and how. We were amazed at how much work the sessions produced after a busy week of making art and socialising as some of the pictures below show: