Tim Fawcett

Tim Fawcett in his studio

Tim Fawcett in his studio

Tim Fawcett is a painter based in the United Kingdom, originally from Cambridge, and studied Fine Art at Sunderland and Cambridge with PGCE training at Brighton where he has lived and worked for over 20 years until this summer's relocation to the Isle of wight.

The need to make art is driven by the artist's need to express emotion in a society which tends to show a cheerful façade devoid of pain. It also aims to challenge the false optimism of commercial society.

Inspiration takes many forms: A fascination with how western society represents its self, outwardly through photographic saturation, on social media. By examining similarities with the glossy media representation, of modern culture, and aspiring celebrity, I am interested in how this affects society’s view of its self, especially its negative impact on the human condition.

 The painting process is normally an indirect and fluid “journey”, relying on instinct and spontaneity more than conscious decision-making, resulting in a more honest and sometimes visceral painting. It is with this almost primitive urge to visually explore, that the artist aims to develop a raw, painterly landscape of layered paint, which is equal in significance to the characters inhabiting that space.

The subject matter, or initial concept in the early stages of the painting process are, of utmost importance, as it is this emotional response which drives the subconscious. Then through the action of painting the subject takes a new form.


There are never conclusions drawn - but more importantly new questions revealed.