The Chainmail Project

by Amartey Golding
18th to 22nd January
Jack House Gallery is at London Art Fair 2017

Stand P20b
Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH


Chainmail is a project by Amartey Golding which has at it’s centre a 15 minute film first shown at Jack House Gallery in October 2016. The project plays with recurring themes in Amartey’s work around stereotypes, race, sexuality, gender and our perceptions of what is acceptable to depict, discuss . Chainmail is Amartey’s first foray into film for an artist who has worked more often in the mediums of drawing, painting and printmaking. His ideas are often cloaked in a veneer of technical virtuosity so that in his highly accomplished and superficially ‘beautiful’ drawings the viewer is ‘hijacked’ or ambushed by the sometimes uncomfortable questions thrown up by the imagery depicted. Finding themselves made complicit or compromised by having looked.

We hope that you will come and find us at London Art Fair which is a terrific place to see what is happening in contemporary art.