Still Life Study Session
with Agata Wojcieszkiewicz

Monday 2nd to Friday 6th July 2018

Following her highly successful first session last year at her Studio base Making Space in Leigh Park Agata Wojcieszkiewicz will be holding another Still life study session here at the gallery and again she will install an intricately staged and thought provoking still life set-up which this time will be inspired by the centenary celebrations of womens' suffrage.  


'My interest in representational drawing and painting comes from the very traditional training that I gained during years of studying in Poland, where art education is still quite academic and very much based on the observation of nature. Still life study is a basic exercise that every first and second year student has to practice on a daily basis. It teaches strategies for recording shapes, judging proportions, creating successful compositions and overall sharpens visual perception. During the two-day session I would like to create the opportunity to  'slow   down   and   look'  so  that  we  can  focus  on   details  and explore in depth the true physical nature of certain objects taken straight from our surroundings. I believe that in today’s jpg image-saturated culture, where we devour and discard images, without much reflection, this now unique way of creative depiction in such slow mediums like drawing or painting, can make us more sensitive and therefore has the power to change how we look at the world.' Agata Wojcieszkiewicz

Workshops – Free and available to people of all abilities aged over 16 years

The Sessions - Take place daily from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th July 10am to 5pm. Participants must commit to a minimum 2 hours on any one day session and bring their own materials including paper, pencils etc. Materials can be anything the participant wishes within practical reason. The sessions are informal workshops at which Agata will offer guidance and advice rather than a formal teaching class . There will be a break for lunch between 1-2pm daily and participants are encouraged to bring food and sharing plates. There will be a display of the work produced in the sessions at the end of the week in the gallery on the evening of Friday 6th July from 6-7.30pm with a Private View to which participants can invite friends and family.

Places are limited so those interested should contact the gallery at to sign up and receive further information.