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Trees from the Bus

Garrick Palmer Painter & Printmaker
Private View Thursday 31st October 6-8pm
Exhibition 1st - 30th November 2019


New works on a familiar subject - Garrick Palmer’s interest in a group of trees on a local journey have prompted a new series of paintings and drawings to be shown for the first time, ”From the time I gave up driving and returned my licence to the DVLA, my bus pass has been essential for my regular shopping trips to Waterlooville from my home in Horndean. A feature of this round trip on the number 8 bus has been my growing fascination with a group of trees across the road from the Queen’s Enclosure. These trees stand in a small rectangular site which has been cleared of all undergrowth, allowing the trunks and branches to be silhouetted against the remaining woodland. I now know that this area is within Park Wood, a remnant of the ancient Forest of Bere, and managed by the Woodland Trust.

After four years of regularly noticing the trees, I eventually decided to get off the bus and take a closer look. Since then, I've made several visits, always during the winter months, when the light is subdued and sombre, and there’s dampness underfoot. I’ve rarely seen another person in this silent and eerie atmosphere. From one side looms a majestic oak, dominating the space, with a few smaller trees standing sentinel in front of it, creating a wide tapestry of leafless branches.

The visual impact of this still, silent scene prompted me to produce notes, sketches and photographs which have formed the basis of a collection of paintings and drawings to be shown for the first time at this exhibition.” Garrick Palmer 2019

We are also showing some previously unshown works dating back to the 1960’s as well as a range of landscape engravings and his illustrative prints from Moby Dick.

On show alongside these new paintings by Garrick are some earlier landscape paintings and engravings as well as drawings, and working sketches.

Images from 1960s and 1970s