Jack House Gallery is just over 2 months old and the quiet nostalgia of Ben Walker’s evocative paintings of childhood have put us in a reflective mood after the chaos of the gallery opening and subsequent controversy of our first show. Conversations around Ben’s work have been of old family snapshots, memories of holidays and worn out Ladybird books though to some the paintings also suggest the darker undertones of the loneliness and bewilderment of wartime evacuees. Ben’s inspirations and influences are familiar but the resulting images have an otherworldly quality, which is at times disturbing.

We’d like to welcome those of you who haven’t yet made it to JHG and thank those who can’t keep away by inviting you to come for a glass of wine, to see Ben’s show and let us tell you about the forthcoming exhibitions at JHG booked until well into 2016 which will include printmakers, illustrators, ceramicists, photographers and painters. There’ll even be a dance event and some very German expressionism somewhere in the mix!