John Green

Private View 28th January 2016 6pm-8pm
Exhibition 29th January-5th March


John Green, a typical product of the raw life of Portsmouth’s city streets and its historical dockyards, creates the most exhilarating, colourful, and deeply informed paintings of a tough job as a dockyard rigger in the post-war docks.  Every image is terrifically strong, powerful and temptingly tactile.  Huge stadia like dry docks, and their equally massive resident imperial war machines are the backdrop to the everyday lives of a host of carefully choreographed groups of workers – each treated with an almost Hogarthian observation of character and trade.  Indeed the cocky, combative Old Master would be proud of his legacy.  It is the marvellous mature art of a big vibrant seaport.  In the first of 2 exhibitions of John’s enormous body of work planned for 2016 you can now see these marvellous paintings at Jack House Gallery.

John Green started his working life in the Portsmouth Dockyard in 1956 aged just 15 and throughout his 40 years there kept detailed records of dockyard life in dozens of sketchbooks which he continues to use to make his paintings and prints. John’s studio, and as importantly, John’s memory are a treasure trove and valuable archive of a very recent past.  John is a member of Art Space Portsmouth where he now works full time as an artist.