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Printmakers Council
Private View Thursday 21st March 6-8.30pm
Tuesday 19th to Saturday 30th March 2019


‘The subject ‘Journeys’ may be interpreted in many ways. It can embrace a personal artistic journey, an actual physical journey travelled and recorded, the transportation vehicle of a particular journey - such as a specific vessel, aircraft or automobile, or trip on horseback or another animal. It may also be an individual or an emotional journey experienced. The subject is open to various interpretations and we envisage a wide range of original ideas will be submitted for this all-encompassing exhibition.’

The Printmakers Council is an artist run, non-profit making organization the objectives of which are to promote the use of both traditional and innovative printmaking techniques by providing information on prints and printmaking to both its membership and the public, encouraging co-operation and exchanges between members, other associations and individuals, holding exhibitions of prints. The history of the Printmakers Council may be traced through its many exhibitions.  Exhibitions are an ideal way to raise awareness and to promote printmaking, and they have always been an important part of the work of Printmakers Council.  The last fifty years have been filled with exhibitions not only throughout the United Kingdom but also abroad, fulfilling one of the group’s primary objectives.