M.O.B a tribute to Emory Douglas
a print by Peter Lloyd for Jack House Gallery


M.O.B. is available as a special edition of 25 signed numbered A2 size prints. A quality digital print which fits easily into a standard A2 frame the price for this is £125 unframed and £155 in a frame as pictured.

With the power of computing and social media at their finger tips, young people have never been so well equipped to communicate and make positive change. By harnessing this power M.O.B can be anywhere at any time, spreading positive messages and breaking established cycles of behaviour (as symbolised by the pulling apart of the two snakes; ‘Ouroboros’ the ancient symbol which signifies infinity or continuous cycles. Emory Douglas worked as the ‘Minister of Culture’ for the Black Panthers in the 1960-70’s. By employing graphic design and screen printing techniques he created powerful propaganda that fuelled the Black Arts Movement and educated the uninformed. As an artist and as an incredibly effective agitator Mr Douglas has become a hero of mine. M.O.B is Mr Douglas’ modern day equivalent, so it felt like a very natural and appropriate decision to dedicate this print to him.” Peter Lloyd 2019

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