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The Dockyard & Other Places

an exhibition by John Green
Preview Thursday 18th January 6-8.30pm

Exhibition date
19th January to 17th February 2018

John Green's work inspired by the Portsmouth Dockyard is well known. His 40 years on the ground working, watching and waiting, his pocket sized dog eared sketchbook ready, quietly sketching the daily life of the busy Dockyard with it's teams of men against a backdrop of great ships formed a encyclopaedic visual resource for his subsequent paintings. These pictures are both a testament to a truly natural talent and an important record of a very recent working past. When John finally retired from the Dockyard in the 1990s to take up residence in his studio full time he embarked on a whirlwind tour of British 20th Century art, trying out all the genres and techniques that he now felt free to experiment with. The influences of artistic heroes Stanley Spencer, Eurich, Wyllie, Alfred Wallis and Lowry can all be seen in the work that followed but all with unmistakable John Green ingredients. Draughtsmanship, expressive texture and colour, audacious composition are all hallmarks of John's natural artistry. This solo exhibition shows an astonishing range and virtuosic talent. Click on the images below to see a selection of the work available along with size details and prices.