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Heroes & Villains

a show by Peter Lloyd
A project in development for September 2019
which will include events & a workshop
watch this space!

Heroes & Villains’ is a developing project which will start at Jack House Gallery and was born from a seminal moment for artist Peter Lloyd on a family outing to the pictures with his kids. That trip to the cinema with his dual race family placed him suddenly outside the little group ‘…witnessing the incredible, empowering effect a routine visit to the local cinema, to see Black Panther, had on the family. Another enjoyable action movie for me, an affirming, optimistic, enabling and confidence building event for my wife and children; one of those fantastic moments in life when you realise the ordinary has suddenly become ‘extra’ordinary. For the first time they had seen a film with a full cast of black actors, unflawed, leading the way, super hero’s no less! In full control of not only their own futures, but the future of the world and everybody that populated it. And guess what? They could completely relate to it, revel in it and, for the first time in a cinema… imagine themselves being able to do exactly the same thing. For my family and, judging by the public and industry response to the film, this was more than a super hero movie, it was an inspirational experience that allowed people to project, reconsider and re-position themselves. Not being able to pre-empt the response of the people I am closest to on the planet made me seriously check myself. There was something here that I hadn’t ‘got’, there was something here that I truly needed to get under the skin of.’ Peter Lloyd February 2019 To read more click here