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Modern Life is Rubbish

an exhibition of paintings by Tim Fawcett
Private View Thursday 31st August
Exhibition 1st to 30th September

Modern Life is Rubbish is a series of highly energetic mixed media works recording snatched moments and rehashed internet sourced imagery and found photographs which Tim Fawcett reworks large in collaged fabric, gloss paint and oil. The paintings are produced quickly and vigorously, Tim says almost instinctively, treading a fine ambiguous line between the comic and tragic and provoking an instant shudder of recognition in the viewer. We can appreciate the robust lush tackiness of the chintz fabric and the painting process whilst being horrified by the implied narratives of the images. Are the men in these paintings drunk or dead? Dishevelled, vulnerable and horribly exposed after a post work drinking session or a victim of mugging? Tim Fawcett explains his painting process in an interview here.