Family Tree

Rafael Klein
Preview Thursday 20th April
Exhibition 21st April to 20th May 2017
Friday 12th May
6-8.30pm at Jack House Gallery

An illustrated talk by Rafael Klein on his technical processes and influences on his work. For more information on this FREE informal event click here.

Hid in the thick of a tree is a golden bough
Gold to the tips of the leaves and the base of its stem….
No one is ever allowed down to earth’s hidden places unless he has first
Plucked this sprout of fledged gold from its tree

Aeneid, Virgil

Family Tree is an exhibition of sculpture and fine art printmaking by Rafael Klein opening simultaneously at Jack House Gallery and Portsmouth Cathedral. This is a first time collaboration between the gallery and the Cathedral with a project which in it's themes is appropriate both for the season and for our current unsettled times as Rafael Klein's work explores ideas around growth, family, belonging and connectivity.

'Family Tree is a series of sculptures and graphic works which has occupied me for several years. It began as a reaction to a time when divisions between people seem to be relentlessly emphasised. But even trees are social creatures. They release communicating scent, warning each other about pests, and even join their roots below the forest floor. If trees are social, how much more so are we human animals. The idea of the family reminds us that, as a brave politician said, for all that separates us, far more unites us. In a real sense we all come from the same cosmic dust and the rest is bunk. And the tree can remind us that we are no less a part of nature'. Raphael Klein